Exploring technology-enhanced library spaces webinar

Start & End Date : 
Tuesday, February 20, 2024


13.30 - 15.00

A summary of this event together with the recording, chat transcript and presentations can be found here: https://www.sconul.ac.uk/page/exploring-technology-enhanced-library-spac...


SCONUL invites you to join an exciting webinar that will explore different ways libraries are evolving to adopt digital and emerging technologies. We will showcase three different libraries who have taken these steps and the impact it has had so far. 


The webinar will be held on 20 February from 1.30 – 3.00pm. This is open to staff at all SCONUL member institutions. E-mail sconul@sconul.ac.uk for the registration details.


We will hear from: 


1.         Ciara McCaffrey, University Librarian & Director, Library & Information Services Division, the University of                               Limerick who will discuss the Glucksman Library which opened in 2018 and contains an Automated Storage &                     Retrieval System as well as ‘The Edge’, which includes a makerspace, greenscreen room, audio visual labs and a                 data visualisation lab.                                                                                      
2.         Fiona Greig, Director of Library & IT Services, the University of Winchester who will discuss the full                                             refurbishment of the Martial Rose Library (MRL). Once completed, it will have a completely modern digitally                         enhanced space.
3.         Vicky Grant, Head of Library Learning & Teaching Services and Dr Graham McElearney, Senior Digital Learning                     Adviser, the University of Sheffield who are leading on the Creative Library project (Liberate the Library) which                   will steer this work through a decolonised lens.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn about:


1.         The design and delivery process of these spaces including determining user requirements and the tools used to                 do so.
2.         The development of the business case for the projects and how they have engaged their stakeholders.
3.         How their institutions plan to deploy, or is deploying, their space and how they are approaching impact data for               evaluation.


This webinar marks the launch of a new project: Technology enhanced library space. The project will explore and surface examples of technology-enhanced library spaces with the aim of sharing practice on development, delivery and evaluation with the library community, and promoting these developments to stakeholders.