High student satisfaction with library services - Tue, 15 Aug 2023

The recently published NSS results show continuing high levels of student satisfaction with university libraries' support for students. The results for question 20 "How well have the library resources (e.g., books, online services and learning spaces) supported your learning?" give an average score across the UK of 89.5, the second most positive rating for any aspect of student satisfaction covered by the NSS. 1


Particular praise should go to the following libraries which achieved the highest positive ratings for their students in response to Q20:


Oxford University (96.9%)

Royal College of Music (95.8%)

Newman University (95.5%)

Northern School of Contemporary Dance (94.9%)

Bishop Grossteste University (94.8%)

Arts University Bournemouth (94.5%)

Arts University Plymouth (94.1%)

Teesside University (93.4%)

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (93.2%)

University of Aberdeen (93.2%)


The results for the library question for all survey participants back to 2008 are available for members here.


More information regarding the National Student Survey (NSS) and the full results for 2023 are available from the OfS.


Q1: How good are teaching staff at explaining things? produced a positivity measure of 90.6