SCONUL seeking mentors - Thu, 4 Jan 2018


In the autumn, SCONUL announced that it was establishing a mentoring scheme for deputies and new directors from the SCONUL community. We are now seeking mentors for the scheme, in advance of opening the scheme up to those seeking mentors in a few weeks’ time.


Mentors should have at least two years' experience at a level equivalent to or higher than the proposed mentee. (So someone can have two years' experience at second tier level, but such a mentor would not normally be able to mentor someone with greater experience at second tier level, or in a director level role). Mentor applicants who have moved on from a library leadership position (e.g. who have retired or moved into a different role, self-employment or consultancy) are also welcome. At this level, it is expected that members of the SCONUL leadership community may have had experience of training in mentoring e.g. within their own organisations or as members of CILIP. Where this is not the case, we would expect mentors to have prepared for taking on this role.


If you would like to know more about how the scheme will work, including how mentors and mentees will be matched, please see the mentoring pages: or read the guidance for mentors:


If you are ready to go ahead and register, the registration form can be found here:


If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Ann Rossiter.