Update on the SCONUL Annual Statistical Return - Fri, 13 Oct 2023

SCONUL is in the process of moving to a new website and a new method of data collection which has led to a delay in making the return available to our members. We are also separating the Strategic Planning Set from the main return, so we are planning to release the SPS in the next few weeks, with the usual late November deadline for the institutions who usually fill this in, and then the main return will be released in early November. To make data collection easier we will be including a spreadsheet with the full question set and calculations when we release the SPS to allow institutions to start building a response that can be transferred into Zoho survey. As the survey tool doesn’t allow you to move forward without filling in the mandatory questions it will be easier to fill in the return if you have all the information to hand. Although we are currently undertaking a wide-ranging review of the question set, we can confirm that there will be minimal changes to the questions for this year:

  • Question 1.5a has been removed.
  • The questions and guidance notes to 4.2-4.3a have been updated to reflect COUNTER R5.
  • Question 2.4a has been updated.
  • Guidance notes to 3.4.3 have been amended slightly (to include a reference to IReL).
  • The question and guidance notes have been amended slightly for 4.9.[AR1] 

Our EDI statistics will be collected separately this year to improve our data sharing arrangements, in order to get more returns this year. Our EDI report, with the findings from last year’s exercise is due to be published soon.