Focus 61

ISSN 1745-5790 (online)

ISSN 1745-5782 (print)

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Marketing and promotion: issues and challenges
Steve Rose

Eureka! Library Innovation Challenge
Lorraine Beard

Building an informed picture
Sam Dick

Flexible loans
Jackie Knowles, Sue Elphinstone, Chris Ellwood

Students as consultants
Emma Thompson, Philippa Hunter-Jones, Andrew Barker

Library Services roadshow
Lisa Anderson, Stephen Bull, Helen Cooper

Simplicity by design
David E. Bennett

Time travel with WebEx?
Karen Butcher

Visual arts libraries in Scotland: the evolving scene
Duncan Chappell

MultiSearch comes to WIT libraries
Delia Foley, Tina Hurley

Marketing our collections
Joanne McPhie, Rob Wannerton

One amazing journey
Sarah Price, Julie Biddlecombe-Brown

Reflecting on digital scholarship competences
Charles Inskip

First steps in an incredible journey
Ann-Marie James

Discovering Summon
Dr Michael Latham, Mike Ewen

Innovation through discussion
Kirsty Wallis, Kathryn Gerrard, Jane Gallagher

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