Focus 62

ISSN 1745-5790 (online)

The list of contents for SCONUL Focus 62 can be found below. Each article is in PDF format.

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SCONUL Focus goes digital
Steve Rose

Improving the student experience
Robert Elves

Spaces for learning? Student diary mapping at Edge Hill University
Mark Ramsden, Cathy Carey

Food for thought
Nora Hegarty

Developing a user-friendly shelf signposting system at Limerick Institute of Technology Library
Nora Hegarty

Auditing the accessibility of electronic resources
Sarah George, Ellie Clement, Grace Hudson

Eposter design: a leap into the unknown
James Molloy, Susan Boyle

Library outreach to schools and colleges at the University of Bradford
Jennifer Rowland

Librarians let loose!
Carly Sharples

Travelling to succeed
Caroline Gale, Lee Snook

Pinning it down
Catriona Ward Sell

InformAll – changes at the Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition
Jackie Chelin, Stephane Goldstein

News from member libraries

Obituary - Emeritus Professor Colin Harris

Obituary - Frederick Friend