Library Technologies

The Technology and Markets Group is developing a comprehensive Technology Survey which will enable members to share information on their use of current and emerging technologies and which will support provider evaluation. The pilot phase has been completed and we plan to launch this spring. 

The Technology and Markets Group has also embarked on a project to look at the future of systems librarians and you can watch our initial webinar here. This project will go on to explore the recruitment and skills challenge moving forward.

The Horizons Group is also exploring how we might make the relationship between library service providers and member libraries more responsive to member needs. With increasing vertical and horizontal integration in the provider landscape this project will explore how the sector might make use of its significant purchasing power to drive improved pricing transparency, supplier responsiveness and overall cost effectiveness. It will look at how we can develop and use intelligence on sector spend and the outcomes of the Technology Survey to pro-actively manage these relationships at a national level. 




University College Cork