Our Strategy Groups

These groups consider and shape the strategic agenda for academic and research libraries on behalf of the community. Group members are drawn from SCONUL member institutions and calls for new members happen regularly - sign up to our mailing list here sconul@sconul.ac.uk to hear about the latest opportunities.

Our strategy groups are leading on many of the major challenges and opportunities facing the
community including driving the changes we need to see on sustainability; on equality, diversity
and inclusion; and on greater collaboration. They are exploring and articulating a positive vision
for the future of libraries including how AI can be harnessed for the benefit of our users; how
new technologies enable us to support our communities in new ways driven by modern
pedagogical insights; and how we might support and develop the diverse, agile library workforce
to deliver this positive future.

They are also supporting the community through the development of new services such as an
organisational development base for libraries; a technology survey to support procurement
decision-making; and CPD opportunities for staff.