The team from the Technology and Markets Group which is leading our work on AI has been very active in exploring the opportunities and challenges that the new technologies present for the sector. The team held two webinars covering these issues and is planning a series of further webinars sharing emerging practice and information on developments in teaching and learning and research, for example AI and transformation of the content space; the world of work; the impact of AI on user behaviour; on repositories and AI and

The group undertook a number of meetings with suppliers and publishers to ascertain their AI roadmaps. The meetings were distilled into a short report, which is available here.

The group is setting up a new initiative to bring practitioners together to share information and experiences in a relaxed way through AI coffee mornings. At the first of these meetings members of the team will be sharing the outputs from a series of meetings held with library service providers over the first two months of this year to explore their roadmaps for the development of AI-enabled services.



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