New Technology Survey to provide vital insights into library product landscape

23 May 2024      Administration User, Administrator

SCONUL has launched its new Technology Survey today which will provide our member institutions with vital intelligence on the performance of products and services across a wide range of library activity. 

The results will show the pattern of use of library products and services across around 30 different functional areas of library’s work and provide data on perceptions of value for money and functionality by those who use them.  This will help our members in their drive to provide the best possible value for their spend.

The survey was developed in response to members’ desire for a clearer picture on the use of technologies across the academic and research library community in the UK and Ireland. In addition to informing procurement decisions by individual institutions, it will support SCONUL and its partners to address areas of library activity in which there is a lack of competition or poor performance and identify and promote innovation and creativity in the use of technologies by libraries. 

The results will be published in the autumn and will be accompanied by analysis and case studies to communicate emerging trends in technology use across libraries including highlighting innovation and creativity in the use of technologies among members.

The survey has been piloted by around 25 institutions and we are very grateful for their support and advice, and for the leadership of the SCONUL Technology and Markets Group. 

For more information, please contact Ann Rossiter at ann.rossiter@sconul.ac.uk.